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Drought Tolerant Plants

drought tolerant plantsResponsible gardening these days means keeping an eye out for excessive water consumption. Luckily, the hundreds of water-wise species now grown in the nursery trade are revolutionizing the landscapes of the South Florida. The range of plant choices for drought tolerant gardens is enormous, colorful, and often exotic.

Has there ever been a better place than here to grow cactus and succulents? These hardy species love the heat, and really grow when given a small amount of garden water. In addition to being very tough, cactus and succulents produce some amazing flowers that rival orchids in their exotic beauty.

Agave plants are an excellent choice for rock gardens or well drained soils that lend themselves well to terracotta or cement planters. Agaves are fairly slow glowers so expect higher prices on these sun loving garden jewels at retail garden centers.

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