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How do I plant Perennial Plants?

A perennial plant, such as Pentas, normally live at least three years under local growing conditions, but many live even longer. Those perennials whose stems live from season to season and continue to grow in size each year are known as woody perennials. Early spring is the best time to set new perennials from the plants. However, divisions of established plants can be made at the proper time in the fall. Plant as early as possible so that newly set plants develop good root growth before cold weather occurs. Most perennials require a steady supply of water for good growth, especially during the first growing season.

Many perennials tend to produce a large number of shallow roots, so supplemental watering is a must when rainfall is not reliable. A single, gentle soaking to provide one inch of water each week is preferred to frequent shallow watering. To keep perennials looking their best, remove faded mature flowers, commonly referred to as "deadheading". Removing spent blooms will also encourage reblooming in some species.

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