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How do I plant a Palm?

Several factors should be considered before selecting the planting site for a palm. If you have a specific type of palm in mind, be sure to consider how the plant will fit in the landscape in 10-15 years, when it reaches its full maturity. Consideration should be made of the type of soil the palms will be planted in. Is it alkaline sand, coral rock, clay, or another soil-type? By knowing the soil-type, it is often possible to predict certain nutrient deficiencies and correct them before you have a problem.

It is much more important that you apply a heavy mulch around the trunk, using wood chips, cypress bark, lawn clippings, etc. This enriches the soil while also reducing the weed competition and reducing water consumption. Watering for the first several months is critical. Never allow the soil to dry out completely. It is also important not to over water. Over watering not only encourages root diseases, but it also discourages the establishment of new roots in the surrounding soil.

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