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How do I plant Landscape Shrubs?

The selection of any plant for a landscape should be based on the functional role the plant will play in the overall landscape. Aspects such as a plant's mature size, canopy form, environmental requirements, and root growth pattern are all important. These are bare-root plants which are usually the least expensive nursery plants. When planting a landscape plant in well-drained soil, dig the hole at least 1 foot wider than either the root spread, soil ball, or container size of the plant to be planted. The finished hole should have a firm, flat bottom or one which matches the shape of the bare root system. Hole depth should be approximately the same depth as the depth of the root system. Do not plant any landscape plant deeper in its new location than it grew at its previous location. If the hole is dug too deep, adjust by backfilling, but make certain to adequately firm the backfill to prevent the plant from settling. Soil for backfilling should be the same soil that came out of the hole; it is best to mix topsoil and subsoil together.

A sheet of plastic or canvas placed adjacent to the hole makes a convenient location for mixing, and it facilitates clean up afterwards. On exceedingly well-drained or light soils, amend the original soil by thoroughly mixing one part of a good grade sphagnum peat moss with two parts soil. Such soil amending is only of marginal value for plants with extensive root systems such as large trees; however, it may be beneficial for shrubs and small trees. To avoid root burn, do not add dry fertilizers or fresh manure to the backfill mix. Do not amend backfill soil on a heavy soil site.

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